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Model: PCM-L16S100-H87
Working Current: 100A
Size: L220*W100*T21 mm
Battery Type: Li-ion/LiFePO4
Battery Series: 16S
No.Test   item
(Test at normal temperature 25±2℃ and relative humidity≤90%)
1Communication InterfaceI2C&Bluetooth
2CapacityDesigning battery capacity(PCM )
Max capacity(Battery pack)100000mAh
Min capacity(Battery pack)800mAh
External capacity IndicationLCD,LED
Gas gauge algorithmIT (High accuracy)
3VoltageCharging voltageDC:57.6V  CC/CV(3.6v/Cell)16s
Cell-balance detection voltage(Charge balance)3.6V±0.05V
Cell-balance detection delay time0.5S—2S
4CurrentBalance current for single cell116±10mA
Normal operating-mode current (Gas Gauge IC)600 uA
SLEEP operating-mode current (Gas Gauge IC)350 uA
Maximal continuous charging current100A
Maximal continuous discharging current100A
5Over charge ProtectionOver charge detection voltage3.75±0.05V
Over charge detection delay time0.5S—2S
Over charge release voltage3.50±0.1V
6Over discharge protectionOver discharge detection voltage2.20±0.1V
Over discharge detection delay time150—300mS
Over discharge release voltage2.70±0.1V
7Over current protectionOver current detection current300±50A
Detection delay time50ms—300ms
Release conditionCut load
8Short protectionDetection conditionExterior short circuit
Detection delay time200-800us
Release conditionCut load
9ResistanceProtection  circuitry  (MOSFET)≤50mΩ
10TemperatureOperating Temperature Range-40~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range-40~+125℃
Discharging Temperature Protection65℃

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